Dhan Brokerage Charges and the fees breakage full explain

The blog states Dhan’s updated and real brokerage charges which includes various taxs, fees and other charges which can be missed easily. So here is the list of all the possible charges that can be charged by Dhan App.

Dhan Brokerage Charges and the fees breakage full explain

Dhanwasfounded in the year 2021, its a Mumbai-based financial services
 company operating primarily in India. It was founded by Mr Pravin Jadhav who
 is also the CEO of Dhan along with Mr Alok Pandey and Mr Jay Gupta (Co

 Dhan App is popular for the facility for placing multiple orders at the same time
 and the best part of the Dhan is that it provides a very fast investment experience
 making Trading experience more smooth and unchallenging for a Trader. Dhan
 app being one of the leading brokerage firm also offers various user-friendly
 trading platforms and gives a variety of investment options for all the Traders
 wheather if they are new Trader or an experience one. And to provide all the
 features all the app including Dhan charges a sum of amount as a fee which is
 known as “Brokerage Charge”

 So before we discuss what all charges in the amount that Dhan charges, let first
 look upon the category that makes the total fees amount.

 1. Brokerage Fees: It's a charge or fee that a broker charges to a Trader for
 performing any transactions while Trading. This fee also includes all the
 services like brokerage fees, service fees, purchases and sales fees, delivery
 fees etc. These all charges build in together to make Brokerage Fees.

 2. Annual Maintenance Fees: Annual Maintenance Fee/Charge is charged
 annually (yearly) for maintaining Demat A/C which is used for Trading and
 other investments.

 3. DematAccount Charges: These charges are usually charged for opening
 Demat A/c from which a Trader trades. Demat Account Charges are also
 known as Account Opening Fees/Charges.

 4. Transaction Charges: These Charges are charged for all the execution of
 trades a Trader does while investing this is usually charged by Stock
 Exchanges. They are charged on every investment a does.

 These are the few charges that in general are being charged by various Banks,
 brokerage firms and financial institutions. There would be more categories
 depending upon the brokerage firms and its features, but all in all these were the
 basic charges that any Trading firms, banks and financial Institution Charges.

 So nowaswehavereadabout all charges that are charged, let us now discuss the
 “Dhan Trading Charges” that it charges for trading.

 Dhan’s various Trading Charges are :

1. Account Opening Charges: Dhan does not charge any penny or “0 rupees”
 for Account Opening or Demat Account Opening.

 2. Equity Delivery, ETFs and IPO: Dhan does not charge any price or “0
 rupees” for all the ETFs, Equity delivery Charges and for IPO exchanges.

 3. Intraday and All Segment Futures:For all the Intraday Trades and for all
 segments futures dhan charges “20 rupees per trade” of “0.03%
 commission” on all the Trades whichever is less and this range/ amount is
 fixed, 0.03% is charged according to the Trading amount that one uses.

 4. All Segment Options: In dhan if you trade in segment options it will charge
 a trader “20 rupees” for all the segment options trades.

 5. Platform Charges: There is no or “0 rupees” charged as platform charges.

 6. Auto Square-off Charges: If in the case of, when a trader does not close any
 position before Intraday closing period then Dhan will automatically close
 off the position, this is known as auto square-off and for the same auto
 square-off charge play a role. So for Auto Squaring-off dhan charges “20
 rupee per order + GST”.

 7. Call & Trade Charge: Dhan charges “50 rupees + GST” if any order is taken
 from the dhan desk on behalf of a trader.

 8. Payment Gateway: There are no payment charges that are charged towards
 making any payment through UPI payment or Net Banking.

 So these were the few Payments that one has to do while using the Dhan App, So
 if you are wishing to trade from the dhan app then keep these Charges in mind
 and accordingly decide for yourself if the dhan app would be your perfect match
 for all your investing needs.

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