Which is better? Zerodha Vs Sharekhan in 2023

Choosing the right brokerage platform is a very important decision for any type of investor or trader. In India, Sharekhan and Zerodha are one of the leading and popular names in the world of stockbroking, each offering unique features and services. In this blog, we will do a detailed comparison of Zerodha and Sharekhan across various parameters which will help you make an informed decision.

Which is better? Zerodha Vs Sharekhan in 2023

Brokerage Charges:

Zerodha: Zerodha is very well known for its cost-effective brokerage model. Zerodha charges a flat fee of Rs. 20 per trade, regardless of the trade size or any type of segment. Equity delivery trades are fully free, which helps it out in making it an attractive option for long-term investors. 

Sharekhan: Sharekhan implements a traditional brokerage structure, relatively which can be more expensive. Their charges vary because it is used to be dependent on the trading segment and the trade value. While they are offering brokerage plans, most probably their basic plan might not be as costly as Zerodha's.

Winner: Zerodha, for its transparent and competitive pricing.

Trading Platforms:

Zerodha: Zerodha offers the Kite platform, which is well known by traders as the most user-friendly and it is also packed with a lot of features. It's accessible via the web, mobile, and desktop. They also provide some tools such as Kite Connect for the purpose of using coins for direct mutual fund investment and algo trading.

Sharekhan: Sharekhan is a broker that is used to provide multiple trading platforms, including Sharekhan Trade Tiger and Sharekhan Mini. If you are looking for a desktop application then TigerTiger will be a good option for you with advanced charting tools, while Sharekhan Mini is designed for mobile users.

Winner: It depends on your preference; Zerodha for simplicity, Sharekhan for advanced features.

Research and Analysis:

Zerodha: Zerodha: Zerodha is a platform or broker which offers you limited research and analysis tools. They are used to provide you with Zerodha Varsity, an educational platform, but the thing is that their research reports and recommendations are relatively sparse. 

Sharekhan: On the other hand Sharekhan excels in this department. You should keep in mind that they provide in-depth research reports, stock recommendations, and access to a wealth of market insights. Sharekhan has expertise in the field of research which is very beneficial for traders who rely on expert analysis. 

Winner: Sharekhan, for its extensive research offerings.

Customer Support:

Zerodha: Customer support of Zerodha is primarily online-based, with the help of ticket-based and email support. They primarily have a vast knowledge base, but the thing is that some of the users may find the lack of direct phone support a drawback. 

Sharekhan: Sharekhan is used to offer a more traditional approach with the help of phone support and branch presence. You should also have an online support system. Their multi-channel support can be advantageous for those who are used to prefer direct communication.

Winner: Sharekhan, for its multiple support channels.

Account Opening Process:

Zerodha: Zerodha has made the account opening process through their online platform as simple as they can. To be honest it's relatively quick and hassle-free. You will be able to upload documents online, and they are also used to provide a fully digital KYC process. 

Sharekhan: You should know that Sharekhan's account opening process is more traditional and involves physical documents. While they do offer an online account opening option, it might be a bit more cumbersome compared to Zerodha. 

Winner: Zerodha, for its quicker and more digital account opening process.

User Experience:

Zerodha: Zerodha is very well known for its user-friendly platforms and minimalistic design. It's really very easy for beginners to navigate and start trading.

Sharekhan: Sharekhan's platforms are feature-rich but may be slightly overwhelming for newcomers. Experienced traders might appreciate the depth of tools available. 

Winner: Zerodha for its simplicity.


In the Zerodha vs. Sharekhan showdown, both brokerages have their strengths and cater to different types of investors and traders. Zerodha stands out for its cost-effectiveness and simplicity, making it a preferred choice for beginners and long-term investors. On the other hand, Sharekhan offers extensive research and a wide array of trading tools, making it an excellent option for experienced traders who rely on in-depth analysis.

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