Zerodha All the Charges 2023

The blog talks about all the charges,fees and the tax that one has to give while trading through Zerodha

Zerodha All the Charges 2023

As we all know that Zerodha was one of the pioneers that introduced the discounted charges into the market which took Zerodha by storm and made it one of the leading brokerage firms of India. It was also one of the first companies to not have any hidden charges from their customers. They made all their charges public so that the hindrance of confidentiality can be solved because of which many traders have made Zerodha their first preference to trade and in this blog we will come to know how much brokerage does Zerodha charges from its trades/ investors for its various features.

Let us look the various Fees and charges that Zerodha Charges:-

  1. Account Opening Charge-Zerodha is the first company which earns money by acquiring the customers unlike other brokerage firms that spend money to acquire the customers. Other companies do not take any amount for its account opening wherein Zerodha Account Opening Charges are rupee 200.
  2.  Intraday and F&O Trades- While taking trades in Intraday or in Futures and Options for execution of every trade zerodha will cost you rupee 20 or 0.03% (whichever would be less).
  3. Direct Mutual Funds Investments- All the direct Mutual Funds would cost the trader or Investor rupee 0 or NIL while investing through Zerodha.
  4. AMC- Annual Maintenance Charges are usually charged by the broker to maintain the Demat account for the year on behalf of the beholder. Therefore, Zerodha annual charges for the year is rupee 300+ GST(which is taken quarterly or for 90 days).
  5. Pledging Charges- these charges are usually charged when a trader or an investor makes a pledging request, it charges rupees 30 + GST per pledge request.
  6.  Payment Gateway Charges- To make any payment via any of the  payment platforms (except via UPI) it charges rupees 9 + GST.
  7. Off-Market transfer Charges-These kind of charges are usually made when shares are directly transferred between two demat Accounts without the involvement of any CC/CH of an exchange. The usual fee that is charged by Zerodha is rupees 25 or 0.03% of the transfer value (which is higher).
  8. Call and Put Trading Charge- For taking Call and Put trading one has to pay rupees 50 + GST to execute this type of trade. 
  9. Fund Deposition Charge- As sum of rupees 9 is charged against fund deposition that one has to make incase of doing trade.
  10. Corporate Action Order-These event usually takes place, when a company “right offs “ it shares in that case a sum of rupee 20 + GST is charged.
  11. Government Regulatory Charges- These are the few charges that the government charges as a fee for Trading or Investing:-
    1. SEBI Charges- SEBI(Security and Exchange board of India) the regulatory body which comes under the government charges rupee 10 per Crore + GST to regulate the market.
    2. STT- STT(Securities Transaction Tax) is taken on Transaction which boils down to 0.01% of every transaction.
    3. GST- Its the most common type that has been issued by the government which is 18% (which is fixed). 
    4. DP- Depository participant charges are charged rupees 13.5 + GST.

 ****In case of a negative balance in your demat Account, then double brokerage charge is taken as a fine that is rupees 40.****


So these were the list of all fees, charges,& taxes on Trading and Investing options if done in Zerodha. If next time looking for investing through Zerodha then one should go through this blog to gain knowledge about the charges/fees and tax that one has to give.

NOTE- The mentioned Charges may change in future.

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