Finding the Best Time for Intraday Trading: Strategies and Tips

Discovering the best time for intraday trading is essential for maximizing profits. This comprehensive guide provides strategies and tips to help traders navigate the dynamic world of intraday trading. Learn when to trade and when to avoid trading after 3.30 pm. Explore techniques for selecting intraday stocks in just one minute, and understand the significance of the first 15 minutes of trading. Uncover ways to earn ₹1,000 or even ₹5,000 per day through intraday trading. Enhance your trading skills and increase your chances of success in the fast-paced intraday market.

Finding the Best Time for Intraday Trading: Strategies and Tips


Intraday trading offers exciting opportunities for traders to capitalize on short-term market movements. Understanding the optimal timeframes for intraday trading is crucial for maximizing profits. Additionally, knowing when intraday profits are credited can help traders effectively manage their earnings. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the best time for intraday trading, along with strategies and answers to common questions about profit crediting.

Can I trade after 3.30 pm?

⦁ Trading after 3.30 pm is not recommended for intraday traders.
⦁ The last 30 minutes of the trading session often experience low liquidity and increased volatility.
⦁ It is advisable to close open intraday positions before the market close to avoid potential risks.

How do I select intraday stocks in 1 minute?
⦁ Selecting intraday stocks requires quick analysis and decision-making.
⦁ Look for stocks with high liquidity and volatility.
⦁ Monitor price movements, volume, and market news to identify potential opportunities.
⦁ Utilize technical indicators and chart patterns to make informed decisions.

What are the first 15 minutes of trading strategy?

⦁ The first 15 minutes of trading, also known as the opening range, can provide lucrative trading opportunities.
⦁ Monitor the initial price movements and volume during this period.
⦁ Identify breakouts or breakdowns of key levels or patterns.
⦁ Consider placing trades based on the direction and momentum established during this timeframe.

How can I earn ₹1,000 daily through intraday trading?

⦁ Earning ₹1,000 daily through intraday trading requires discipline and a well-defined strategy.
⦁ Set realistic profit targets and risk management rules.
⦁ Focus on high-probability trades and avoid overtrading.
⦁ Continuously analyze and refine your trading approach based on market conditions.

How can I earn ₹5,000 a day in intraday trading?

⦁ Earning ₹5,000 a day in intraday trading requires advanced skills and experience.
⦁ Implement a robust trading plan with precise entry and exit points.
⦁ Utilize strategies such as trend following, breakout trading, or scalping.
⦁ Constantly monitor market conditions and adapt your trading approach accordingly.


The best time for intraday trading depends on market conditions and individual trading preferences. Avoid trading after 3.30 pm and focus on high-liquidity periods for better trading opportunities. Additionally, understanding profit crediting is essential for managing your earnings effectively. By implementing sound trading strategies and continuously improving your skills, you can strive for consistent profitability in intraday trading.
Remember to always practice risk management and conduct thorough research before executing any trades. Happy trading!

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