Intraday Trading 2023

Intraday Trading or Day Trading has always been a town of the talk because of its ROI but this is not the reality behind of it. So if you are thinking to invest in Day trading then this blog will work as a map for you.

Intraday Trading 2023

Intraday Trading or one can also say Day Trading is also referred to as a “day in trading” as it's done on the same day itself. It's usually very popular among the Traders as the time duration is short and one can gain profit on the same day itself. 

What is Intraday Trading?

Intraday Trading is a trading method in which a trader Buys and sells a company's share on the same day itself it is known as Intraday Trading.  Intraday is usually a short term Trading method. Intraday usually requires a trader's great attention and knowledge of the market and its view.

Let us understand the concept with an Intraday Trading example:-

Let's assume you are trader “A” you bought a 10 shares at a price of Rs. 50 (50 rupees* 10 shares= 500) at 12:00pm and by the end of the day(3:00pm) the share price raised from Rs. 50 to Rs. 70, so the trader “A” will straight away earn Rs. 700(70 rupees*10 shares=700) a profit of Rs. 200.

And vice versa if the trader “A” does not analyze the market correctly and the price drops from Rs. 50 to Rs. 40 then the trader “A” will have a loss of Rs.100(40 rupees* 10 shares=400 rupees)trader A’s capital reduced to 400 rupees.

Features of Intraday

  1. Short-term duration- In an Intraday Trading a trader has to hold a share for a much shorter duration which can be a few minutes or a few hours too and the bought shares would automatically be squared-off by the end of the market.
  2. High Occurrence of Trades- As comparatively to other trading styles, in Intraday a trader can experience a much higher rate of market movement and if one acts according to the market and catches the market in a right time can earn more profit. 
  3. Real time monitoring- In Intraday one has to do a real time monitoring of the market so as to catch the best movements in order to earn profits. Real time monitoring needs a lot of attention and precision. 
  4. Disciplined Trading Approach- To achieve success in Intraday a trader has to be very disciplined in his approach like trading with proper stop loss, entering and exiting the market in a definite time and not trading with emotional approaches.
  5. No Overnight Risk- As Intraday is a day affair, a trader does not have to worry about a share at night as in intraday everything is auto-squared-off by the same day itself not passing it to the night. Therefore one Intraday can sleep at night peacefully.

These were the few features of Intraday Trading let's move forward to pros and cons of Intraday Trading:- 

Pro’s and Con’s of Intraday Trading:-


  1. Fast Profits- In Intraday one can earn profit in a day’s timing allowing a trader to earn profit in a very short duration of time. 
  2. Leverage Utilization- In intraday one can use the leverage to amplify their position sizes helping them to control large positions with a comparatively smaller amount.
  3. Adaptation to the market condition- It's very easy for an Intraday Trader to adapt to any market condition as they are immune to the market's fluctuation as while intraday trading they throughout the day face a lot of fluctuation and changes of the market.


  1. Highly Risky- Because in Intraday the market is very volatile therefore there are high chances to get losses and lose the capital while Trading.
  2. Time Consuming- As Intraday is a very demanding and attention seeking activity one deviation can lead to a great amount of loss. There while performing Intraday Trading one has to constantly look at the charts, study historic patterns and continuously observe and all this is a time consuming activity.
  3. Emotional Stress- Sometimes these fluctuations of the market can take a toll on one's emotional health leading to various emotional illnesses.

Here are a few Intraday Trading Books suggestions that would help you to gain a more deep knowledge about Intraday Trading and also help a Trader to make Intraday Trading Strategies:-


So here are a few insights of Intraday Trading that would help you to get to know more about Intraday and its characteristics. And if in future or in present one wishes to trade in Intraday one can always look to this blog for reference. 


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