BSR codes of all the major banks: New Delhi in 2023

BSR code stands for Basic Statistical Return code. It is a unique code assigned to each bank branch in India by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The BSR code is used for reporting various types of banking transactions to the RBI for statistical and regulatory purposes.

BSR codes of all the major banks: New Delhi in 2023

What is the BSR code?

BSR stands for bank-specific routing code. It is a unique code assigned to each bank branch in India. The BSR code reports financial transactions to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). It helps in identifying the location and branch of a particular bank for various regulatory and reporting purposes.

The BSR code consists of seven digits, where the first three digits represent the bank code, the following four digits represent the branch code, and the last digit is a control digit. It is primarily used by banks and financial institutions to submit various returns and reports to the RBI, including the Annual Information Return (AIR) and the Quarterly Information System (QIS) reports.

The BSR code is essential for accurate reporting and identification of bank branches in the banking system. It helps maintain transparency, track financial transactions, and ensure regulatory compliance.

BSR code of all the major banks, which is only applicable in New Delhi. To know the BSR code of your state, go through the website link that is given below in front of particular banks:

BSR code of HDFC Bank: 0510005 (
BSR code of ICICI Bank: 6390009 (
BSR code of SBI: 0001604 (
BSR code of Axis Bank: 6360007 (
BSR code of Bank of Baroda: 200089 (
BSR code of Canara Bank: 110059 (
BSR code of Kotak Mahindra Bank: 0180972 (
BSR code of Union Bank of India: 292472 (
BSR code of the Bank of India: 222784 (
BSR code of the Central Bank of India: 280002 (


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