Muhurat Trading in 2023

Muhurat Trading hold a very rich history which is been very breifly explained in the blog . The blog explains the starting of Muhurat trading, to its present significance in todays stock market and how it has grown as a tradition and how its important to every trader to want to become a profitable trader.

Muhurat Trading in 2023

India has always been a very rich and diverse cultured country with an even richer history which includes various unique traditions and one of them being “Muhurat”.

The word Muhurat meaning a special or an auspicious time in Hindu culture muhurat plays a very important role. And to give tribute to this culturally rich tradition the Indian Stock Market has come up with a very unique hour of trading to kick start the festival Season known as “Muhurat Trading ''.

Muhurat Trading is a ritual which is organized by the BSE, NSE for all the traders in India. It is a 1 hour time on the day of diwali in which an indian trader can trade and can earn profit. Usually on the day of Muhurat trading, the market is closed the whole day and just for that one-hour the market is open. This hour usually brings a lot of profitable movement. 

Muhurat Trading History

The Muhurat Trading history roots several years centuries back it is said that it was started in 14th century by King Vikramaditya, who believed that this tradition would bring prosperity to his kingdom and this same tradition was later adapted by the Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE) in the early 1950s and till date the legacy of this tradition continues.

Muhurat Trading Timing

Although stock market timing is 9:15am to 3:30 but the Muhurat Trading Timing for 2023 is 

  • Pre- Opening   : 6:00pm- 6:08pm
  • Trading timing : 6:15pm- 7:15pm

And the Muhurat trading is going to be held on 12th of November, 2023 (Sunday). And the best part of it is that the Muhurat trading session is free from any kind of brokerage charges. 

Let us now look few of the previous years date to get a overall estimate of the market year for this year

(Muhurat trading last 10 years)

The data of Muhurat trading session since 2012 to 2022 shows that out of 10 years, 3 years that is 2012, 2016 and 2017 have been a loss gaining years and wherein the rest 7 year that is year 2013, 2014, 2015, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 have been a profit gaining years. 2017 being the worst recorded diwali year in which sensex observed a losing of 0.6% or 194 points and in 2016, it ended up flat with a loss of 11 points. The year 2018 was identified as the best Diwali for the traders as the sensex rallied 0.7% or 246 points and in the 2021 muhurat trading session observed a Index ending of 0.49% or 296 points higher.

Auspicious Trade

Sensex mostly rises on Muhurat, falls the next session

Year Sensex Nifty
2021 +0.50% +0.50%
2020 +0.45% +0.47%
2019 +0.49% +0.37%
2018 +0.70% +0.65%
2017 -0.60% -0.63%

Here is a list of the performance of the sensex and nifty of 5 years. 


So here is a brief summary of a very unique tradition of Indian financial practice which symbolizes both financial and cultural aspects of the grand festival. So this diwali let us all manifest prosperity and good wealth for the Muhurat Trading Session and this year muhurat brings only and only good movements and big profits.  

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