Which is better? Sharekhan Vs Icicidirect in 2023

Particularly in this blog, you will be able to watch out for the clear comparison of Sharekhan and ICICI Direct in various aspects to help you make informed decisions which will eventually help you out in making a profit.

Which is better? Sharekhan Vs Icicidirect in 2023

In the world where world is changing in a rapid speed that's why online trading and investments landscape is changing too. Two leading names that often come out very eye catching for Indian investors are Sharekhan and ICICI Direct.   


Sharekhan: A Brief Overview

Sharekhan is a well-established and well-known brokerage firm in India is very well known for it's easy to use functions, user-friendly trading and last but not the least extensive research and analysis tools. It is used to offer a wide range of investment including commodities, options, equities, mutual funds, derivatives and more. Sharekhan is aiming to provide a comprehensive solution for the investors at all levels of expertise.


ICICI Direct: A Brief Overview

On the other hand ICICI Direct is the brokerage app of ICICI Bank, one of the India's leading private sector banks. It is used to offer a wide range of investment products and services, including euity trading, fixed deposits, mutual funds, and more. ICICI Direct is known for it's seamless intergration with ICICI Bank's banking services, which is used to make a convenient for existing ICICI Bank customers.


Pricing and Brokerage Charges

When it comes to pricing and brokerage charges, this is where the two platforms differ significantly:

Sharekhan: Sharekhan's brokerage charges are used to be slightly on the higher side. They are used to follow a percentage which is used to be based brokerage fee, which means you pay a percentage of the total trade value as brokerage. This can be expensive for high-frequency traders.

ICICI Direct: ICICI Direct is used to offers a tied brokerage structure, which can be cost-effective for frequent traders. The brokerage charges is used to decrease as the trading volume increases, making it attractive for active traders.


Trading Platforms

Both Sharekhan and ICICI Direct provide user-friendly and it is used to feature-rich trading platforms:

Sharekhan: Sharekhan is used to offer the Sharekhan TradeTiger, which is used to provide an advanced trading platform known for it's speed and reliability. They are also used to provide a smart phones for trading on the go.

ICICI Direct: ICICI Direct simply offers an educational online trading platform that smoothly integrates with the help of their banking services. And they also have a mobile app for the sake of trading convenience.


Research and Analysis

In terms of research and analysis tools, both platforms offer valuable resources:

Sharekhan: Sharekhan is very well known for it's extensive research reports and analysis tools. They are used provide market insights, trading calls, and comprehensive research reports to help traders and investors make informed decisions.

ICICI Direct: ICICI Direct offers a wealth of research reports, recommendations, and expert insights. Their tie-up with ICICI Bank provides access to a wide range of financial resources.


Investment Options

Both Sharekhan and ICICI Direct is used to provide a variety of investment options, which also includes:

Equities: With the help of both platforms you can easily trade in stocks and euity derivatives.

Mutual Funds: Both of the platforms are used to allow you to invest in the mutual funds, and you should keep it in your mind that it also include (Systematic Investment Plan) options.

Commodities: On both of the platforms you can easily trade commodities for example commodities like gold, silver, and more.

Fixed Income: ICICI Direct is usually used to offer fixed income in the area of options like bonds, whike Sharekhan is used to put it's focus more on equity-related investments.


Customer Service

You should know that customer service is a critical factor especially for the first-time investors:

Sharekhan: Sharekhan is very well known for it's responsive customer service which is used to offer assistance with the help of various channels, which is used to include phone, email, and chat support.

ICICI Direct: ICICI Direct's customer service is very well knowing and regarded, which ends up benefiting from the extensive support infrastructure of non other than ICICI Bank.


Education and Learning Resources

Both of the platforms are used to offer educational resources to help investors enhance their knowledge:

Sharekhan: Sharekhan helps you out by providing webinars, tutorials, and educational content so that they will be able to assist investors in making informed decisions.

ICICI Direct: ICICI Direct mainly offers a wide range of educational materials, which includes webinars, articles, and videos, to being able to help users understand investment strategies and financial markets better.



In the end, the choice for you will eventually depend on your specific needs and requirements and it's advisable to conduct a thorough evaluation of both platforms while considering factors such as pricing, services, customer support, and trading tools before you eventually finalize your decision. Remember that the right brokerage platform can play a major role in your financial success, so you should choose wisely.

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