Mastering Intraday Trading: A Guide How to earn 1 lakh per day from intraday trading?

This article serves as a comprehensive guide for intraday traders using Zerodha, focusing specifically on how to check and calculate intraday profits. Learn step-by-step methods to track and evaluate your intraday trading performance using Zerodha's features and tools. Gain insights into profit calculation techniques, understand the importance of accurate assessment, and maximize your intraday trading success with Zerodha's powerful platform.

Mastering Intraday Trading: A Guide How to earn 1 lakh per day from intraday trading?

Intraday trading has begun to become popular among traders for short-term trading with the help of which traders are able to get profit in a very short period well as an intraday trader you should know how you are supposed to use Zerodha to check and track your profit or loss accordingly.

How do you calculate intraday profit?

Calculating your intraday profit is a vital step in assessing the success of your trades. If you want to check and calculate your trades or intraday profit you should follow these steps:

Determine the buy and sell prices: First of all you sit and write down at which price you buy the stock and after that at what price you sold it (Sell Price).

Consider Brokerage and Taxes: Points to be pointed in brokerage charges, transaction fees, and applicable taxes are associated with your trades. And this is the cost that is used to impact your overall profit.

Calculate Gross Profit: It's quite easy to understand that in this particular tool, you just subtract the buy price from the selling price to determine your gross profit.

⦁ Deduct expenses: In this particular way, you just need to subtract brokerage charges, transaction fees, and taxes from the gross profit to calculate the net profit.

Where is intraday profit credited?

The function of this app is just like any other wallet which you use in your daily life the only difference is that you trade in Zerodha and when exit from trade then your profitable trade is used to be added to your trading account balance. 

Can I use intraday profits in Zerodha?

Of course yes just like your received amount used to be added to your account balance same as this process your received intraday profits in Zerodha used to be automatically added to your trading account balance so you don't really need to worry about if you can use intraday profit in Zerodha or not because you are used to getting your intraday profit directly into your trading account balance.

How to earn 1 Lakh per day from intraday trading?

Even you people know for sure that it's very difficult to earn 1 lakh per day from intraday trading but still, you want to give it a try which means you are a unique brave person and it's good news for you that it's possible to but still it's not easy at all.

So first of all what you are supposed to do is you should have good capital in your hand and for that right now you should only focus on earning a small amount of profit from intraday trading but only if you don't have a sufficient amount of money in your hand.

If you have a sufficient amount of money (which is at least 2 Lakh rupees) in your hand then what you are supposed to do is you should diverge your amount into four parts before letting you know the next step I would like to suggest that you should check out FinTrades course and live support service which can be very beneficial for you I am only letting you know because it has a very high percentage of accuracy in a very reasonable price.

After diverging your amount into four parts then first of all you need to invest your capital partially and keep your greediness aside otherwise most likely you are going to lose your money instead of earning a profit so be smart and start with a small profit then start increasing your investment more and more little by little.

Is 1 profit good for intraday trading?

No, 1 profit is not good enough for intraday because intraday trading is known for its frequent small profit rather than 1 big profit well it's not impossible to earn a big profit with the help of intraday trading but then you are supposed to invest a very big amount of capital which is very risky and not worth it too.

How do I check my intraday P&L?

Zerodha is a user-friendly app that gives you a very easy-to-understand interface in it to check out your intraday Profit and loss which is also known as P&L in the stock trading world. To check your intraday P&L you should follow these steps:

⦁ First of all, you need to log in to your Zerodha account.

⦁ After logging in to your Zerodha account go to the "Dashboard" or "Reports" section.

⦁ Then find out the "Tradebook" or "Intraday P&L" tab, then click on it and you will be able to see a comprehensive summary or detail of your intraday trades.

⦁ Then select the desired date or time range to view your intraday trades.

⦁ The "Intraday P&L" or "Tradebook" will show you details such as the stock or security traded, quantity, buy and sell prices, brokerage charges, taxes, and the overall profit or loss for each trade.

⦁ Use different types of filters and sorting options which are available to customize your view and analyze your intraday P&L.

What is the maximum intraday profit?

The maximum intraday profit that you can earn in one depends on various factors such as market conditions, trading strategies, and the capital invested. Overall, there is not a set amount of profit that you can get from intraday profit because you can be never fully sure that how the stock market is going to act and that's why it's important to set realistic expectations and focus on consistent profitability over time, rather than aiming for extraordinary gains in every trade because it's very risky to be dependent on a single trade.

When can I withdraw the intraday profit?

It's really very simple because the Zerodha account is very flexible and withdrawing can be done at your convenience. By following these simple steps you will be able to withdraw your amount from your Zerodha account: 

⦁ First of all, you need to log in to your Zerodha account.

⦁ Then go to the "Funds" or "Withdraw" section.

⦁ If you had done profitable trade then after going to "Funds" or "Withdraw" section select the desired bank account for the withdrawal.

⦁ Submit the withdrawal request, and then the funds will be credited to your chosen bank account within the specified timeframe. 


The information provided in this blog is for educational purposes only and should not be considered financial or investment advice. Trading in stocks and securities involves risks, and individuals should carefully evaluate their financial situation and consult with professionals before making any trading decisions, you can take the help of FinTrades advisory service which will increase your chances of earning profit and if you are interested in trading then you should join theFinTrades telegram channel for your better financial future.

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