How to Trade Futures and Options in Sharekhan 2023

Sharekhan is one of the leading brokerage firms in India, and they are used to offer trading services for various financial instruments, which is used to include futures and options (F&O). To be able to trade futures and options with Sharekhan, well you'll need to follow these general rules or steps.

How to Trade Futures and Options in Sharekhan 2023

Open a Sharekhan Trading Account:

  • First of all, you are supposed to visit the Sharekhan website or you can also go to the Sharekhan branch to being able to open a trading account. 
  • After taking the first step you are supposed to complete all necessary KYC (Know Your Customer) documentation, which is used to include providing your identity and address proofs, PAN card, and bank account details. 

Choose the Appropriate Account Type:

Sharekhan is used to offer various types of trading accounts, which is used to include standard trading accounts, margin trading accounts, and last but not least trading accounts. So overall just choose the one which is used to suit your trading needs. 

Fund Your Trading Account:

After you are able to open and verify your account, you will need to deposit funds into your Sharekhan trading account. And you can do this through a bank transfer or other type of approved methods. 

Familiarize Yourself with Futures and Options:

You should ensure that you have a good understanding of futures and options trading too, as it can be very complex. It is possible that you may want to educate yourself with the help of books, online courses, or by just seeking advice from financial experts. 

Download the Sharekhan Trading Platform:

Sharekhan is usually used to offer trading platforms for desktop, mobile, and web. So, download and install the platform which is used to suit your preferences. 

Login to Your Trading Account:

Now you are supposed to use the login credentials which is used to provided by Sharekhan to access your trading account through the trading platform. 

Place Orders:

  • Once you are able to be logged in, you can easily start placing orders for futures and options trades too and that's why you will be in need of specifying the instrument, quantity, price, and other relevant details too. 
  • You should ensure that you understand the main difference between order types that are available, for example, market orders, limit orders, and stop-loss orders. 

Risk Management:

You should know for sure that trading in derivatives in the future and options used to carry inherent risks. So it's very important to have a risk management plan in your mind to be able to protect your capital. 

Monitor Your Positions:

You should keep an eye on your open positions and the market conditions. Sharekhan's trading platforms are used to provide real-time data and charts to help you out in making informed decisions. 

Close or Modify Positions:
You can easily exit or modify your futures and options positions at any time by being able to place offsetting orders. 


Keep in mind that you should be aware of the expiry dates and settlement procedures for your futures and options contracts. Sharekhan will help you out with this process. 


You should understand the tax implications of your F&O trades because they are mainly subject to some specific tax rules in India. 


If you are new to trading in futures and options, overall it's advisable for you that you will be able to consult with a financial advisor or take professional guidance to ensure that you are able to make informed trading decisions.

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