UPSTOX| Upstox all total Charges and fees list

The blog talks about all the charges a trader has to bear while using Upstox for trading throught Upstox and if you choosing Upstox as your investment partner then this blog will come handy as a “all charges / fee guide”.

UPSTOX| Upstox all total Charges and fees list

Upstox is an Indian investment platform which was established in 2009 it was founded by Shrini Viswanath, Ravi Kumar, Kavitha Subramanian and Raghu Kumar. Upstox is one of India's leading discount brokers firms. It has gained significant attention in recent years due to its user-friendly interface and cost-effective services.

But when it comes to selecting any brokerage firm one has to always be considerate of the charges that the brokerage firm charges for providing the platform to trade. So through this blog lets look upon all the charges that Upstox app charges.

Upstox brokerage charges :-

  1. Account Opening Charges-  It offers free or takes “rupees 0” for their Upstox demat account opening charges.
  2. Account Maintenance Charges(AMC)- For maintaining the account, upstox charges an yearly price of “rupees 150” + 18% GST.
  3. Quarterly Maintenance Charges- Upstox also offers a quarterly maintenance offer at a price of “rupees 75” + 18% GST.
  4. Mutual Funds & IPOs- Upstox charges a brokerage of “rupees 0”   on direct trading in mutual Funds.
  5. Equity Intraday and Equity Futures- A brokerage of “rupees 20” or 0.05% (whichever is lower) per order is charged on stocks on Equity Intraday also for F&O, Currency and commodity.
  6. Equity Delivery- On every equity delivery order upstox charges a sum price of “rupees 20” or 2.5%(whichever is lower) per order on equity delivery.
  7. STT/CTT- STT charges varies for different categories
    • Equity Delivery- 0.1% on both buy and sell
    • Equity Intraday- 0.025% on sell side
    • Equity Futures- 0.0125% on sell side 
    • Equity Options- 0.0625% on sell side(on premium)

  8. GST- On each and every brokerage and demat, transaction charges GST of 18% is applicable.
  9. Stamp Duties- These taxes are also charged differently on different catergories 
    • Equity Delivery- 0.015% or rupees 1500/Cr on buy side.
    • Equity Intraday and Options- 0.003% or rupees 300/Cr on buy side.
    • Equity Futures- 0.002% or  rupees 200/Cr on buy side.
  10.  DP Charges- On equity delivery a sum of rupees 18.5 per script per day is charged on sell.
  11. SEBI- SEBI charges rupees 10/Cr as a fee for all its transactions.
  12. Pledging Charges- Cost of pledging and unpledging for per scrip is rupees 20 + GST .
  13. Auto Square-off- If a Trader has not squared off its shares at the end of the day in Intraday then upstox would square-it-off on behalf of the trader, and for this it will charge a sum of rupees 50+ 18% GST.
  14. Call & Trade Charges- If in any situation you are unable to take the trade and you ask upstox to take charge on behalf of you then it will charge you rupee 50+ 18% GST as the fee. 
  15. Net-banking Charges- using any net banking platforms like razorpay/atom one has to pay a sum of rupee 7 (GST included).



So these were the few basic charges and fees that Upstox charges for any trader that trades through upstox platform. Also can also use upstox brokerage calculator or brokerage calculator for calculating its total brokerage. So next time when you think of trading from Upstox keep in mind all these charges and fees before investing through Upstox. And do Check out our other apps brokerage charges like Zerodha, Dhan etc.

NOTE- These Charges may change in future.

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