What is Zerodha Success Story?

The blog showcases the loopholes that Zerodha noticed and how it solved the market problems bringing a revolution which led to its immense success and making it a leader of Stock Market among all the brokerage firms.

What is Zerodha Success Story?

As discussed in the previous Zerodha blog, that how Zerodha identified the loopholes that the existing Market had which eventually helped Zerodha to become a multi-million FinTech company of today. 

Zerodha is a Bangalore based fintech/financial services company which offers retail stock brokerage facilities at a very discounted rates/ minimal price along with other opportunities for commodities trading, currencies trading, bonds and mutual funds. Zerodha had an advantage of being the first mover advantage as it was the first country to discount the brokerage fee which brought a revolution in the industry of brokerage firms.

Let us now discuss how Zerodha identified the loopholes and tackled them which eventually turned out to be the strongest and the most unbeatable Zerodha marketing Strategy.

  1. To remove the hindrance of Knowledge, Zerodha introduced "Zerodha Varsity", a collection of all Stock Market Lessons and financial Lessons from which anyone can learn about Stock Market and how it functions and then can sensibly make the right decision while Trading and investing.
  2. Zerodha entered the market with a minimal brokerage fee that was 20 rupees or 0.03% whichever is less for all the intraday charges and 0 rupees for all the equity and direct mutual fund investments and it was the time when others brokerage firms were charging a very huge percentage of brokerage on all the Trades that a trader was doing.
  3. Zerodha made everything online and made its website a very user friendly so that the process of Trading becomes a more simple and not a tedious job making it easy to be used by any Trader, whether  they are technical sound or not.
  4. Previously because of lack of awareness and transparency the brokerage firm used to charge many hidden charges. The brokerage firm used to charge a very high price as brokerage. But Zerodha gave traders complete Transparency allowing a trader to know how its money was used and where it was going.

Now you must be thinking if the brokerage fee is so less then how Zerodha earns money, right. Zerodha earns money by charging a joining fee of rupees 200 from all the Traders who join the platform. So it is not wrong to say that to acquire audiences Zerodha doesn't spend any money but in fact earns money, making their audience loyal customers of theirs.

So this was the Zerodha Case study and the story of a true passion leading to great success making it a one of a kind case study and resulting into a profit of million dollar rupees.


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